Altinoran Mall ETFE Roof

Shopping Mall

This project was completed in January 2017. It consists of total 2-layer 12 cushions. The design resembles a seashell which covers Altinoran Shopping Mall in Ankara, Turkey. Project includes design, structural calculation, fabrication and installation of steel structure and ETFE cushions.

Beyazit Library ETFE Roof


This project has a huge single 2-layer square ETFE cushion divided into 4 areas by tensioned surface cables and installed in 2015. It covers the atrium of historical Beyazit State library in Istanbul. The steel structure for the partitioning the cushion is supported by a flying mast underneath.

Baku Olympic Stadium


ETFE cushions on the façade of Baku Olympic Stadium are illuminated by colorful LED fittings which have been installed by our team consisting of 60 rope access climbers. Our scope of the project was completed in 2014. The spectacular Olympic Stadium was opened in 2015 for the European Games.