ETFE has following advantages over the traditional construction materials:

Advantages of ETFE Foil
Very strong and tear resistant
Good translucency and light transmission in visible and UV ranges
B1 class fire resistance. Excellent characteristics for fire emergency situations.
No mechanical or visible aging under stress
Abrasion resistant
100% recyclable
Low coefficient of friction
Printed color patterns possible. This helps in control of heat and light trasmission.
Doesn't react with other substances. Excellent resistance to solvents and chemicals.
Small defects are easy to repair
More than 20 years of life
Hail resistant in cushion applications
High degree UV transmittance
Foil doesn't become brittle over time
Non stick characteristics makes it virtually self-cleaning with little need for maintenance
Wide service temperature range (-200 to +150C)
Very low gas and water permeability
Very low water absorption
Excellent thermal control through multi-layer foils.
Exceptionally high resistance to tearing
Linear elastic behavior up to 20MPa